Here Are The Wokest Moments Of The 2017 iHeartRadio MMVAS

Music is not only a form of entertainment, it’s also a universal language all about bringing people together. Even though we can’t resist the appeal of a beat perfect for dabbing, it’s important to take a step back and remember to acknowledge the issues we are currently facing in 2017. This year’s iHeartRadio MMVA hosts, presenters and performers provided us with what seemed to be an unlimited amount of #wokeness. Check out what we classify as the wokest moments from last night’s awards show.


Lilly Singh’s “Love Thy Sister” pink carpet entrance

Representing girl power, Lilly Singh (aka Superwoman) stepped onto our Pink Carpet with a power stance and a whole lot of young women standing with her. Each wearing a t-shirt with the words “Love Thy Sister,” Singh and her diverse girl group were standing for female cooperation, collaboration and world dominance.


Brandon Flynn – “We’re Stronger Together.”

Before presenting the award for iHeartRadio International Artist of the Year, Brandon Flynn didn’t hold back when it came to voicing his opinion on togetherness. Flynn encouraged the audience and young people everywhere to use their voice to make an impact. Whether it be on social media or while you’re out and about on your everyday routines, it’s important to remember that you and your friends have the power to make a difference. We’re stronger together than we are apart.


Jus Reign Calling Out the Stereotypical Role of South Asians in Film

In his typical lighthearted fashion, Jus Reign shed light on an issue that is commonly overlooked in the Hollywood industry—the casting of South Asians in film. Specifically, he pointed out the typical taxi driver role that people of South Asian decent often find themselves playing.


Martha Hunt on Music

Maybe giving us one of the best quotes to sum up the night, supermodel Martha Hunt gave us a short lesson on the use of music. “Music is the best way to bring people together…Music reminds us that it’s all about love.”


Tyler Oakley on What Pride Means to Him

Tyler Oakley provided us a touching and original definition of what Pride means to him. According to Oakley, pride is about celebrating our past and fighting for our future. No matter what you look like and no matter who you love, you are perfect the way that you are.


Serena Ryder on Utopia

The world is far from perfect, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t continually strive for perfection and harmony in whatever we do. Everyone has their own idea of what utopia is to them, but we think that Serena Ryder’s version speaks on a utopia that we can all agree upon. For Ryder, a utopic world is one where no one is judged on gender, race, or religion.


A Tribe Called Red Gives A Shout Out to Minorities

During their acceptance speech for Video of the Year, A Tribe Called Red urges all minorities to keep pushing against their struggles and believing in their wildest dreams. “We are the Halluci Nations baby!”


Tyrone Edwards shares his “Lead with Love” Motto

Our very own VJ Tyrone joined in on the night’s wokeness by sharing a very touching philosophy of his own—leading with love. “Make decisions with love versus fear,” said Tyrone. When we fear change, diversity and love we risk reinforcing a world driven by inequality. We are all leaders in our own way and it is up to us to be that change that we wish to see.


David Mazouz on What He Would Do If He Was As Rich As Bruce Wayne

Even though it’s important to never become a secondary character in your own life story, as an individual, sometimes we must sacrifice treating ourselves in order to give back to communities who need help from us. Though only 16-years-old, David Mazouz reminded us of this notion last night. According to Mazouz, if he was as rich as Bruce Wayne the first thing he would do is help provide clean water to people without it.


Stay woke, kings and kweens. We’re better together than we are apart.