7 Of Tyra Banks’ Funniest On-Screen Moments

Recently announced as a presenter at this year’s iHeartRadio MMVAs, Tyra Banks has been in the entertainment biz for quite some time. She’s had a successful modelling career, her own television show, appeared in numerous movies and television shows, including 24 cycles of America’s Next Top Model, and currently hosts one of the hottest reality shows on television, America’s Got Talent. Over the years, fans have come to know Banks as a go-getting businesswoman with an interesting sense of humour. After all, there’s a reason why there are countless Tyra Banks memes floating around on the web, like her iconic “We were rooting for you” speech.

Keep scrolling, because we’re revisiting seven of Banks’ funniest moments.


That time she fell over on the Tyra Banks show

Back with The Tyra Banks show was on the air, the former supermodel used to have all kinds of guests on her show. From the former President, Barack Obama, to the then-cast of Glee, the Tyra show covered everything from politics to entertainment. But on this particular episode, Banks hosted an animal she wasn’t particularly fond of.


When she tried 9 things she’s never tried before

To promote the latest season on ANTM, Allure invited Banks to try a few new things. The outcome was this hilarious 5-minute video. We’re amazed by how well Banks applied her eye shadow with that tiny hand, if we’re being honest.


Hannah Montana: The Movie’s shoe fight scene

If you’re like us, you probably forgot about the time Tyra Banks made an appearance in the Hannah Montana movie that had us poppin’, lockin’, and polkadottin’.


When she literally acted a fool on America’s Next Top Model

When it came to her teaching on Top Model, Banks has always been very hands on. In season 19 at the judging table, Banks and her panel asked a contestant to demonstrate what “acting a fool” looked like. After the contestant’s poor performance, Banks took the demonstration into her own hands. The outcome is, well…see for yourself.


The Tyra Banks Show’s Vaseline Frenzy

On an episode of The Tyra Banks Show, the audience started jumping out of their seats when Banks surprised them with her number one beauty secret, which turned out to be a tub of Vaseline. But the ladies in the room were nothing but grateful and the crowd (and Banks) literally went wild. To this day, we still have so many questions.


When Banks made her MADtv debut

Remember MADtv, the comedy show that created many of the skits that we couldn’t stop talking about in the early aughts? Back in 2000, Banks made an appearance on the show as Katisha, a store manager who gets into an argument with the unforgettable character, Bunifa.


The time Banks fake passed out

In a creative introduction to an acting challenge, Banks pretended to pass out in front of a number of models on one season of ANTM. Their facial expressions say it all.

Here’s hoping Tyra Banks brings some of her meme-able funny moments to this year’s iHeartRadio MMVAs. Watch the show live on Sunday, August 26 at 9ET/7MT on CTV and Much.


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