Songs You Didn’t Know Were Written By These iHeartRadio MMVAs Artists

With the glamor of Hollywood and hit singles, it’s easy to forget that the artists who sing your favourite songs aren’t the only faces behind them. Sometimes, songs don’t make the album they were originally intended for and are given to a different artist years later. Other times, singers enlist their favourite singer-songwriters to help them write a new song entirely. With this in mind, it’s not much of a surprise that some of our 2018 iHeartRadio MMVAs artists are actually the brains behind songs performed by popular musicians we’ve heard before. Keep scrolling to find out who they are.


“Under You” – Nick Jonas, written by Bebe Rexha

Sung by well-known pop star, Nick Jonas, “Under You” is a song off of the former Jonas Brother’s album, Last Year Was Complicated. Though Nick Jonas sells the song with his killer vocals, what you may not know is that the song was actually written by iHeartRadio MMVAs performer Bebe Rexha.

“I remember pitching this song called “Under You” for Rihanna, but they decided it was too low in the key, so I passed it on to Usher to cut it,” Rexha explained to “A year later Usher hadn’t cut the track because he’d decided he didn’t want to put new music out, so I sent it to Nick Jonas, who ended up putting it out on his album.”


“Tattoo” – Hilary Duff, written by Ed Sheeran

In 2015, Hilary Duff enlisted iHeartRadio MMVAs nominated artist Ed Sheeran to help her create a song for her fifth studio album, Breathe In. Breathe Out.

“He had been doing a promo day in L.A. and he’s like, ‘I know you have a 2-year-old, but could you please come and record at midnight?’” Duff said to  MTV News. “I was like, ‘I’ve already been in bed for three hours by midnight on most nights,’ but of course for him I did, and I’m such a huge fan – he’s so talented.”

The outcome was “Tattoo,” an emotional song about the ending of a relationship that ended up being one of Duff’s favourite songs on the album.


“Ain’t Your Mama” by Jennifer Lopez, written by Meghan Trainor

Originally written by Meghan Trainor for her debut album, Title, “Ain’t Your Mama” is an upbeat, sassy track that ended up in the hands of Jennifer Lopez. In 2016, Trainor texted Lopez a demo of the song.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Trainor recounted their interaction.

“I sent it to her and said, ‘Do you like the song?’ and she said, ‘I love the song. My kid loves the song — he’s made me play it five times already, so I know it’s a hit. When can I cut it?’ so I said, ‘Immediately. Whenever you want!’” said Trainor.


“30 Hours,” “Father Stretch My Hands,” and “Facts” – Kanye West, co-written by Drake

Kanye West’s seventh studio album, Life of Pablo, was filled with many highly streamed hits, including “30 Hours,” “Father Stretch My Hands,” and “Facts,” songs that West give co-writing credits to iHeartRadio MMVAs nominated rapper, Drake.

Back in 2016, the Chicago-native rapper even tweeted out thanks to Drake for his help on the album. The since deleted tweet read, “I wanna thank my brother Drizzy for helping me on 30 Hours & Father Stretch My Hands. Drake would come by and just help, no strings. Future also came by to write. We all got new shit together that’s gonna drop soon.”


“Feeling Myself” – Nicki Minaj featuring Beyonce, co-written by SZA

Though released in 2014, today, “Feeling Myself” is a song that you can still hear play on the radio every now and then. Turns out, parts of the self-confidence anthem were actually written by Ctrl singer and iHeartRadio MMVAs nominee, SZA.

“Yeah, I wrote parts of that,” SZA said Hot New Hip Hop. “A nice chunk of that. I’m on the credits, so I think it’s really interesting. It was dope meeting Beyoncé. She’s tight. She’s perfect actually.

“Literally like on God it was something I could never explain to anyone”, she continued. “The call just got put in and then I arrived [laughs], I have no idea. Hit-Boy produced and I wrote the lyrics, so Nicki [Minaj] and Beyoncé are singing some of the things that I wrote to it.”

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