Shay Mitchell Reveals How She Feels About The Pretty Little Liars Finale

Fans of Pretty Little Liars are bracing for the end of an era and thankfully, the series’ stars are going through the grief process right along with us. Ahead of Tuesday’s series finale of the long-running drama, PLL star Shay Mitchell caught up with our cameras to talk about the beloved show’s bittersweet ending.

Not only was Shay Mitchell a big winner at Sunday’s iHeartRadio MMVAs, where she took home the highly coveted Lit Look Award, but we were all winners for getting the scoop about Tuesday’s series finale of Pretty Little Liars direct from the Canadian actor.

Following her presenter duties, Mitchell was backstage to chat about the finale. “It’s really bittersweet,” said Mitchell. “But at the same time, I’m really excited to see where everyone is going to go from this. We’re all going off on our own paths and that’s exciting to see.”

As for what fans can expect when PLL reveals its endgame on Tuesday, Mitchell’s words are getting us even more excited. “I can say that everybody’s questions are going to be answered and I can promise you that. I can also say, at least for me, it’s one of my favourite episodes, if not my favourite episode. It’s like the bow to the whole entire series.”

As with any series, especially one that has been built around so much mystery, the pressure to give the fans a satisfying ending is high. “There’s a lot of pressure,” acknowledges Mitchell. “There’s a lot of pressure for the writers and for the actors, but I can honestly say that we are so proud, we were proud when we were filming it. It’s a two hour special, so it’s gonna be a good one.”

Watch the series finale of Pretty Little Liars on Tuesday, June 27 at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo and click here to catch up online.