Niall Horan Chooses His Favourite One Direction Member’s Music

Niall Horan may still be best known as a member of the boy band One Direction, but the musician is quickly making a name for himself as a hugely talented solo artist. The singer/songwriter released two huge singles since the band went on an indefinite hiatus last year and on Sunday night Horan performed “Slow Hands” and “This Town” for his Canadian Directioners and new fans.

Before making his debut on the MMVA stage, Horan was on the red carpet to greet his thousands of screaming fans and chat with our eTalk cameras. With One Direction’s Liam Payne recently releasing his first solo single, all former members of the boy band have now branched out on their own, leaving one very important question; which One Direction member is making Niall’s favourite music?

“More on the stuff I would listen to on a daily basis is Harry’s kind of stuff. He’s got one song called “Two Ghosts,” which is really right up my street,” said Niall. “Yeah, I would say Harry.”

Our eTalk cameras also caught up with Niall backstage at the MMVAs, where we sat down with him for a more in-depth interview on what life has been like post-1D. “It’s been great. It’s been obviously different for obvious reasons. We would usually need two couches right now,” Niall joked. “The way I would describe it is efficient. We get around a lot easier.”

With the split shocking millions of Directioners worldwide, Niall said that a positive attitude has helped him making the transition from group member to solo artist. “There’s two ways to think of it. Either dwell on it and overthink it, or just have fun with it. With everything I do in my life I try to embrace it as much as I can.”

While being a part of One Direction was definitely an asset when embarking on a solo career, Niall said that it was his new solo material that cemented his record deal. “It’s like finding a new craft and creating a new thing,” said Niall. “It obviously helped when I was getting signed that I had done stuff before, but I did get signed to my record label off the back end of my music that I had written. The record label signed me right after they heard music. They wanted to hear music before they signed anything.”

As for whether his busy schedule has left time for a dating life, Niall says he’s open to the possibility, but hasn’t tried online dating just yet. “I’m a face to face man. I’ve got the worst chat in the planet.”

Check out the full interview below and click here to relive Niall Horan’s incredible MMVA performance!