The Most Unexpected Cameos Made By Our Performers And Presenters

Blink and you may have missed them. Every once in a while, an unexpected celebrity cameo can make a movie, TV show, or music video skyrocket from good to just plain hilarious. Whether it’s a singer who’s trying to step out of their comfort zone to act, or an inside joke that an actor has with the producers of a movie, these surprising appearances always add a bit of sparkle to the screen. Our 2018 iHeartRadio MMVAs performers and presenters are no strangers to the world of surprise appearances. Even if you may have missed them, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of the best and most unexpected cameos that our iHeartRAdio MMVAs performers and presenters have made on screen.


1. Tyra Banks fighting Drake in the “Child’s Play” music video

Possibly one of Drake’s more iconic lyrics, the “Child’s Play” rapper talks about a fight that he had with his girlfriend at the schmaltzy American restaurant chain, Cheesecake Factory. Drake and Banks play a couple celebrating their one-year anniversary at the oh-so-cheesy restaurant, but things take a turn for the worse after Banks finds out that the Canadian rapper has been cheating on her. Did someone order a side of drama with their entrée?

Before smashing a piece of cheesecake in his face, Banks calls out the rapper and doesn’t care who hears.

“She didn’t call you Drake, she called you Aubrey,” Banks states, referring to Drake’s real name. “So obviously there’s something a little bit more intimate for her to call you Aubrey. I call you Aubrey. Your mom calls you Aubrey. These bitches call you f–ing Drake!”

Drake should’ve known better than to mess with this Top Model.


2. Halsey in American Dad!

If you were paying super close attention to a certain American Dad! episode titled “A Nice Night for a Drive,” you may have noticed one character with a very familiar voice. In the episode, Klaus manages to get the CIA to replace Stan’s SUV control system with his brain so that he can abandon Stan on a mountaintop and drive into the night by himself. On his journey, Klaus picks up a red-headed hitchhiker and two thugs, but the hitchhiker ends up stealing the car to be stripped for parts. The hitchhiker’s name is Cindy, and she’s voiced by “Strangers” singer Halsey. Cindy’s role in the episode was small, but oh-so-hilarious.

Image result for halsey in american dad


3. Jenni Farley plays herself in The Three Stooges

An exaggerated version of herself, that is. JWoww, along with the rest of the Jersey Shore gang appear as themselves in a cameo of the 2012 reboot of The Three Stooges. In the film, we find one-third of the Stooge trio, Moe (played by Chris Diamantopoulos), transforming into a Guido and joining the Jersey Shore cast, but he has a hard time getting along with the rest of the meatballs. In an interview with Access Hollywood, the JWoww gushes over just how great the entire experience was.

“I took away so much… I actually enjoyed acting and I enjoy being part of [a film], so I would love to see what the future holds. Whether it’s acting or something else,” she said. “We got out of our comfort zone and we really impressed each other, like to see Sam, she was phenomenal, Ronnie, everyone!”


4. Sonequa Martin-Green as Rhonda in New Girl

You may know the 33-year-old actress from her roles as Sasha Williams on The Walking Dead and Michael Burnham in the television series Star Trek: Discovery, but she’s also shown the audience her funny bone as Rhonda on the popular sitcom, New Girl. Rhonda acts as the prank-loving girlfriend for a few episodes to lead character Winston Bishop. In an episode titled “Rumspringa,” the larger-than-life character even goes so far as to prank Winston with a baby, making him believe that they have a child together. Rhonda’s pranks may have gone too far, but her refreshing comedic relief adds some zany sparkle to the entire New Girl cast.


5. Halsey voices Wonder Woman in Teen Titans Go! To The Movies

Although you won’t be able to watch the film in theatres until July 26, you may just want to keep your ears peeled for when Wonder Woman appears on screen in Teen Titans Go! To the Movies. The animated DC Comics hero will be voiced by none other than 23-year-old pop goddess Halsey.

In the film, the Teen Titans search for a director after finding out that every single hero in the DC Universe has their own movie, including Batman, Aquaman, and even Alfred Pennyworth. After one famous director named Jade Wilson tells the Titans that she won’t direct their movie because no one takes them seriously, they take matters into their own hands by trying to score an arch nemesis of their own so that people will see them as real heroes.

During the MTV Movie & TV Awards Live Red Carpet, Halsey confessed just how excited she was to be a part of the film, saying that she’s always been a huge comic book collector and Teen Titans fan.

” I used to come home from school, when I was in high school, every day and watch Teen Titans. I was a massive fan so when they asked me to be involved it was a no-brainer,” she gushed.

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