MMVA Hosts Joe Jonas and Alessia Cara Were On-Stage Besties

If the iHeartRadio MMVAs are known for anything, it’s the wide array of hosts they’ve had throughout the years. From Selena Gomez to Miley Cyrus, it seems like all our favourite musicians have made the MMVA stage their own. This year we took it to the next level by bringing Joe Jonas and Alessia Cara to the party.

Jonas and Cara had amazing chemistry on stage, making it seem as if they were just having a normal chat at home and weren’t hosting Canada’s largest party. Earlier on the red carpet, Cara praised her co-host. “He’s awesome! I feel like I’ve known him for a while now. ”

The co-hosts came out nearly matching in red and black ensembles, which Cara said was accidental. We have one word for that, suuuuure. Regardless if this was a diabolical plan or not, both hosts looked great.

Even though Cara is Canadian, Jonas challenged her to a Canadian trivia challenge, and for being American his Canuck knowledge was impressive. Jonas taught Cara about Canadian beer and even dubbed last night to be the “pre-game” to Canada’s 150 year anniversary celebration, and what a celebration at that.

According to Cara, Jonas was a great help to her while preparing to host the show. She also talked about how helpful he was prior to the show. “He’s been giving me a lot of advice because he’s done this before. ” she said. “So just having those practices and rehearsals with him has been good.”