Meghan Trainor Opens Up About Her Battle With Anxiety

With her highly anticipated third studio album in the works, pop star Meghan Trainor is riding the pop radio wave with a new collection of confident hit singles. But getting to where she is now was no easy journey.

In a recent interview with Fabulous Magazine, Trainor revealed she’s been struggling with anxiety and depression for the last few years. She said in the interview that her fame was what started to impact her mental health.

“I was taken on a rocket ship with “All About That Bass,” talking about my body in front of the world. I was like, ‘I’m real confident,’ but I was never 100 per cent happy. Part of me was miserable, thinking, ‘I look so fat in that picture I don’t want to see this.’ There was a point where I didn’t want to see my performances on TV because I was insecure about my voice and my looks,” said Trainor.

After receiving vocal chord surgery in 2015, the singer-songwriter took a break from the entertainment industry to focus on her healing, but time out of the spotlight had left Trainor alone with her thoughts, which she says was worse than the public judgement that comes with fame.

“I think especially with overnight success and being famous, when I stopped working and had a break, my body and my brain were rattled. I couldn’t deal with it,” she said. “It took me to the darkest place I’ve ever been. I couldn’t crawl out of it.”

Known to openly talk about body positivity, deep down, Trainor admits she was insecure about her body. But she soon realized that she wasn’t alone in her struggles with the stigma around mental health slowing dissolving over recent years as more and more celebrities have been openly discussing the topic.

“Even if you’re not a pop star, you’re dealing with your [social media] posts and what everyone’s saying online about you. We’re all basically famous on this stupid site, and it’s great for some things and it’s not great for a lot of things,” said Trainor.

She credits therapy, family, and the love of fiancé and Spy Kids star Daryl Sabara, with helping her recover and now be able to manage any onset of anxiety. Following in the footprints of the #MeToo-inspired lead single “No Excuses,” we expect more self-empowerment anthems are on the way.

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