These Are Kris Wu’s Best iHeartRadio MMVAs Moments

International superstar, Kris Wu (吴亦凡), stunted at the 2018 iHeartRadio MMVAs, proving that he’s well on his way to becoming a mega North American celebrity. From comments all the way from Asia on the live FORA Fashion Feed to a sea of screams from adorning fans upon sight, Wu certainly met our expectations and more.

Check out Wu’s best iHeartRadio MMVAs moments, below.


When he arrived on the red carpet in Givenchy

Sporting a tinted red mullet and three gold chains around his neck, Wu fans were certain that the Chinese-Canadian rapper would win the award for Best Dressed. Though Wu ended up losing the golden hanger to 5 Seconds of Summer, he still stole the show decked out in a sheeny Givenchy black suit, matching black turtleneck, and assortment of jewellery pieces.

“It’s the accessories that I always have…just the blings and the ice,” Wu said, looking down at his outfit.


When he won iHeartRadio MMVA for Fan Fave New Artist

Wu’s international fan base is one to rival the backing behind the likes of Meghan Trainor, Alessia Cara, or Shawn Mendes, which is why it is no surprise that Wu won the iHeartRadio MMVA for Fan Fave New Artist. Decided by you, the rapper accepted his first North American award on last night’s red carpet.

“I’ve got a lot to say,” said Wu. “First of all, I do it for my fans. It’s a honour. This is actually my first award in North America, so I feel blessed and thankful every day. This one for sure goes out to all my fans. Without them I would never be able to be here. Shout out to my fans in Canada!”


When he delivered a smoky, blinged-out performance

Kris Wu brought the heat for his first North American award show performance. Rapping a medley of “Deserve,” “Like That,” and “18,” Wu arrived on the iHeartRadio MMVAs stage decked out in ice while sporting a pair of red sunglasses.

Beginning on stage alone, surrounded by the iHeartRadio MMVAs crowd and a backdrop of blue and red lights, Wu was later joined by his drummer and DJ. Transitioning into his 2018 single, “Like That,” Wu and his on stage team hyped-up the crowd with smoke and lights to finish off the performance with his Billboard hit, “Deserve.”

We swooned every time our camera operator gifted us with a close up shot of Wu in his black tee and we know that you did, too.

The 2018 iHeartRadio MMVAs, hosted by Awkwafina, features performances from Shawn Mendes, Alessia Cara, Meghan Trainor, Kris Wu (吴亦凡), Marshmello featuring Anne-Marie, Brett Kissel, bülow, The Beaches, Bebe Rexha, 98 Degrees, 5 Seconds of Summer and Halsey. Watch the full show here.


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