Here’s Why You Should Bring A Friend Like JWoww To The iHeartRadio MMVAs

When it come to BFFs, everyone pales in comparison to Jersey Shore star and newly announced iHeartRadio MMVAs presenter Jenni “JWoww” Farley.

As the best friend to fellow Jersey Shore star, Nicole “Snooki” LaValle, Farley has proven her loyalty on-screen time and time again. Through thick and thin, Farley has Snooki’s back through falls, arrests, arguments, breakups, and motherhood.

Though not the Jersey Shore house, the iHeartRadio MMVAs can get a little crazy from time to time—there’s adoring fans, a star-studded guest list, and a never-ending amount of excitement. So, before you ask someone to come with you, we suggest you choose wisely. Here’s why you should bring a friend like JWoww to the iHeartRadio MMVAs.


They’re taller than you so they may let you sit on their shoulders

If you’ve ever been to an unseated concert venue, you probably already know the struggle of having someone two feet taller than you chilling in the front row. Solution? Have a friend like Jwoww.

Though not an NBA giant herself (JWoww is actually only 5’7), Farley has got more than a few inches on her best friend Snooki.

As the best ride or die there is, your JWoww-like friend would want you to enjoy the concert too and would probably let you sit on her shoulders for a minute or two. If that’s not the case, they’d without a doubt ask the tall guy standing beside you to give you a boost.


If not, they’ll definitely put elbows up for you

At concerts, it can be easy to lose your killer view if you don’t defend it properly. Now, at the iHeartRadio MMVAs, we have a no-tolerance policy for violence, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stand your ground if someone is trying to snag your spot. The good ‘ol elbows up technique is a sure way to make sure no one tries to infiltrate your zone.

If you’ve ever watched Jersey Shore, you know that JWoww defends her friends no matter what. Remember the controversial episode in Season 1 when Snooki was punched by a bar patron? Farley was one of the first members of their crew to react, jumping forward to her best gal’s defence.

If you have a friend like JWoww, they’ll make sure no one steals your amazing centre-stage view of Kris Wu.


They’ll co-sign your crazy antics

JWoww is no stranger when it comes to having a great time, so at the iHeartRadio MMVAs, a friend like Farley is good to have. They’ll help you scream Meghan Trainor’s name, create a crazy sign that’s guaranteed to grab 5 Seconds of Summer’s attention, and make sure you two coordinate a fire outfit to wear on the red carpet.


…But they’ll let you know when you’re doing too much

Although JWoww supports her friend Snooki no matter what, Farley is not afraid to let LaValle know when she is in the wrong. On Season 4 of Jersey Shore, Snooki got a bit too hammered at the club and started dancing too provocatively for her then-boyfriend Jionni’s liking. In a rage, Jionni left the club and JWoww was there to give Snooki a firm talking to.

It’s easy to get a bit carried away when you’re idol is standing in front of you. If you’re smizing a bit too hard at Tyra Banks, you’re JWoww-like friend with definitely tell you if you’re acting a bit on the creepy side.


They’re a wing-person extraordinaire

JWoww has proven time and time again that all she wants for her friends is to be happy and find love. Throughout the duration of Jersey Shore, Farley was always there for Snooki when she was on the hunt for her man. Take season four for example, when JWoww followed Snooki barefoot around the streets of Italy trying to find Jionni.

If you happen to spot a fellow iHeartRadio goer who you think is cute, your JWoww-like friend will have no problem with devising a fool-proof plan on how to get their attention.


Even if the iHeartRadio MMVAs isn’t their thing, they’ll still be there for you

Even if award shows aren’t their thing, a friend like JWoww wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to help you touch the hand of your celebrity crush. Why? Because that’s what best friends are for!

Watch the 2018 iHeartRadio MMVAs on Sunday, August 26 at 9ET/7MT on CTV and Much.