Get The Look: Fresh Faces Of The MMVAs

These faces are fre$h in more ways than one. Yes, they’re glowing and really providing the best examples of the no-makeup makeup look, but there’s more to the story here. These women also happen to be fresh faces to the 2017 MMVAs ( with Camila Cabello returning freshly as a solo artist)  and we couldn’t be happier to have them.

Scroll down to learn how to recreate these fresh face looks.


Brows & Lashes On Point

Martha Hunt is a Victoria’s Secret Angel who is notoriously known for letting her eyes do the talking— so it’s no surprise that her fresh face look stems from perfect brows and lashes. A face is truly made with these two components—start here and you’re golden.

[Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Mascara, $33],  [Eyelash Curler, $27],  [Eyebrow Gel, $23]



Smooth & Glowing Skin

Once your eyes are popping, it’s time to get your skin looking smooth and illuminated. You can consistently find Bea Miller, former contestant on the X Factor, looking like she definitely got her eight hours of sleep. For those of us who can’t get those hours in, try this primer and blush to get a poreless radiant look.

[Illuminating Blush, $31],  [Blush Brush, $66],  [Marc Jacobs Primer, $55]



Flossy & Glossy

Keke Palmer is amazing for always serving a flawless, effortless look. This triple threat is always looking glossy and glowy, and it’s hard to pinpoint how she’s even doing it. We’ve narrowed it down to a three-step process: lip gloss, eye gloss and the perfect glowing highlighter to let it all shine!

[Steve J. & Yoni P. for MAC  Eye Gloss $26],  [Marc Jacobs Dew Drops Highlighter, $55],  [MAC Lipmix Gloss, $19]



dew it up

This is perhaps the most important part of a fresh face, to be naturally dewy. Camila Cabello always looks sun kissed and radiant. Camila, we know what you did last summer: bronzed up and glo’d up. Don’t worry though, the look is still achievable sans mother nature with these products.

[Bronzer/Blush Palette,$54],  [Liquid Highlighter, $50],  [Cream Highlighter, $40]