How To Be A #CURLBOSS According To The Girls Of The MMVAs

Even when you’re a full-time celeb, not every day can be a good hair day.  The women in this roundup are notorious for rocking various curly hair looks more often than not. If you’re looking for some #curlyhairinspo for when you want to embody your inner Lorde with a wild mane, look no further. Tune in to this year’s iHeartRadio MMVAs on June 18 to see what looks they’ll pull together for the red carpet.


Bless the days when hair cooperates and ringlets are perfectly coiled. These days seem to be often for our three curly haired queens.  From the red carpet to album covers, Alessia Cara, Jessie Reyez and Lorde are often seen with big beautiful curls.



Okay, so when you wake up with 15 minutes to spare before leaving the house and just ran out of dry shampoo—fear not! This curly trio is teaching us that caps are cool, and even red carpet-worthy according to Cara.



The best way to tame a mane and look fleeky in one swift upwards motion? A bun. But these aren’t your typical buns, they’re full, curly and fab.



This is such a go-to look because it’s effortlessly cute. All three of our girls added their own remixes to the style by incorporating braids, buns and ponies. The look is a classic and becomes even cuter with the full body and bounce of curls.