7 Unreleased 5 Seconds Of Summer Songs That Are Serious Jams

Lots of work goes into creating an album and 5 Seconds Of Summer’s third LP Youngblood comes as no exception.

5SOS wasted no time making sure their record was perfect before its release, putting in the meticulous work that would make it an album to top the charts. From the sentimental “Ghost Of You” to the upbeat “Empty Wallets,” Youngblood is chock-full of hit tunes. But like many other musicians, band members Luke Hemmings, Calum Hood, Michael Clifford, and Ashton Irwin write a ton of songs while constructing each album that don’t always make the cut.

Here are some of those unreleased tracks that are serious bangers.



5 Seconds Of Summer decided to sing the unreleased track “Superhero” during one of their tours and now, videos of the fun, alt-pop song can be found all over the Internet. The melodic tune and its catchy lyrics have become so popular online, it’s left fans speculating that the quartet will officially release the song in the future.


“Over And Over”

If you’re a 5SOS fan, you might have already heard this track before. “Over And Over” is a slow, acoustic song that was originally unreleased, but after it had leaked online, the group took the opportunity to perform it a few times at small venue concerts—and fans glad they did because the tune is a real bop.


“The Perfect Disguise”

Six years ago, 5SOS started performing the unreleased “The Perfect Disguise” at a few of their concerts. While they haven’t played the tune in quite some time, we’re hoping the Aussies didn’t let it die because it’s a classic punk tune that has us travelling back to their “She Looks So Perfect” days.


“Bad Dreams”

Bassist Calum Hood wrote this original rock-esque song but unfortunately, the band never officially released it. Luckily enough, Hood dropped “Bad Dream” along with an accompanying music video on YouTube a while back so fans are now able to jam out to it whenever they want.


“Heartbreak For Two”

Different from some of the other songs on this list, “Heartbreak for Two” never got a studio recording—at least one we know of. So while we wait for that with our fingers crossed, the band did perform the heavy punk-rock jam once and there are a few clips it circulating online.


“All I Ever Wanted”

This powerful ballad was leaked back in 2014 and has seemed to have since fallen off 5 Seconds Of Summer’s radar. Unlike some of their other unreleased songs, the band didn’t choose to play this one at any concerts while on tour. Thankfully the “All I Ever Wanted” demo is online which is good enough for us.


“I Can’t Remember”

“I Can’t Remember” was also leaked in 2014 and the song instantly shook fans. The breezy, pop song is sung only by Hood and Clifford—which rarely ever happens with Hemmings slated as the group’s lead vocalist. While there isn’t an official recording of “I Can’t Remember” out there, this demo track does the trick.

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