How To Create The Best Bebe Rexha-Inspired Looks

Pop and R&B queen Bebe Rexha has conquered the top of the charts with hits like “Meant to Be” and “In the Name of Love,” all while looking perfectly put together and giving every fashionista major wardrobe envy. This glam girl’s taken the fashion world by a storm, and there’s no doubt that Rexha will showcase her signature style onstage during her performance at the 2018 iHeartRadio MMVAs.

If you want to create the best Bebe Rexha-inspired looks, here are a few tips.


Thigh-highs to the sky

A staple in Rexha’s wardrobe, thigh-high boots are guaranteed to give you that long-legged look and a strut with swagger. The 28-year-old is currently sporting her Gucci GG canvas over-the-knee boots, but she’s been a fan of the thigh-high for a long time. She even stated her first major fashion splurge was on a pair of silver embellished Balenciaga thigh-high boots.

“The price made me gasp, but there was no way I wasn’t going home with them!” she says.

Life is Gucci.

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Silk robes

The proof’s in the pudding. Rexha’s Instagram page is full of pictures of herself draped in long, vibrant, silk robes of every colour. Although most people would think silk robes are reserved for a self-care day indoors, the pop icon proves if you can rock it, you can wear out. She accessorizes her silk robes with bling’d out jewellery, thigh-high boots, and cute lingerie, which creates the perfect outfit for a night on the town.

Honey I’m home

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Glitter glitz

Whether it’s a bodysuit, a pair of pants, or a great necklace, Rexha’s a huge fan of anything with mega sparkle, and she’s been spotted in many glittery get-ups on multiple occasions. She tells Billboard that her love for glitter may have derived from her Albanian heritage.

“Albanian events are very glitzy. It’s like the more glitter you have on, the better. Back in the day, to show how wealthy you were, you would throw on all the jewelry you had at once. It’s very showy. I weave a little bit of that into my style,” she says.


Denim on denim

Rexha does the classic Canadian tuxedo justice by dressing in an elevated version of denim on denim. Whether she pairs the iconic outfit with outrageous thigh-high boots or goes down the simple route and rocks a great denim jacket and jeans, the looks that this pop star is serving has Levi himself sitting on the edge of his seat.


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Her nameplate necklace

The “Me, Myself and I” singer is absolutely owning one ’90s fashion trend that’s made a comeback, and she isn’t taking it off any time soon. Rexha’s nameplate necklace is a staple in her wardrobe, it’s even seen in on her in most of her Instagram photos. She loves the iconic accessory so much she even stated how she never takes the necklace off. Talk about fashion dedication!

“My nameplate necklace is a very important staple for me. I never take my nameplate off, it’s very New York City, Sex and the City,” she says.

He called me a beautiful mess.

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Tube tops

Flattering and versatile, Rexha’s love for tube tops is perfect for a hot summer of touring. The singer mixes this look up my pairing different coloured tube tops with sweatpants, jeans, and high-waisted skirts depending on the occasion. Her white tube top paired with fitted sweatpants and a matching bomber jacket just screams comfy, and is essential for a long day in the studio.

She's back.

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Everything ’90s-inspired

Cropped tops and baggy pants, cool sneakers, and tight tops are most likely what you can find in Bebe Rexha’s closet. The singer is often seen channelling her inner Aaliyah to give us major ’90s vibes. Rexha has even swooned about how on board she is with trends from the ’90s making a comeback.

“I love Aaliyah, TLC, Gwen Stefani. I love stuff from the ’90s: chunky heels, chokers, ripped or baggy jeans with a tight tank top. It was such a sick time for grunge and hip-hop, and it’s such a vibe that we’re starting to see come back in a lot of different ways again,” she says.

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Catch Bebe Rexha at the 2018 iHeartRadio MMVAs alongside other performers Shawn Mendes, Alessia Cara, Marshmello and Anne-Marie, 98 Degrees, bülow, The Beaches, Brett Kissel, Megan Trainor, Halsey, 5 Seconds Of Summer, and Kris Wu.

The 2018 iHeartRadio MMVAs hosted by Awkwafina go down Sunday, August 26 at 9/7 MT on CTV and Much.


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