Why Avril Lavigne Is One Of Bülow’s Biggest Inspirations

Eighteen-year-old Megan Bülow is well on her way to becoming a mega-star, but mega-stars don’t just arrive out of the blue—they are a combination of their talent, team, drive, and the inspirations that influence them. Musically, Avril Lavigne is one of bülow’s biggest inspirations.

you ever wondered what GIRLFRIEND by Avril would sound like in German?

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Introduced to Avril Lavigne by her older sister at a young age, today bülow holds Lavigne to an extremely high standard. Not only do the two singers share the same nationality (Lavigne is Canadian and bülow’s half Canadian, half German), they also share a similar “f**k you” attitude––something bülow credits to adopting from Lavigne herself.

“One of my all-time favourite [singers] is Avril Lavigne, that one is self-explanatory. She’s my hero,” bülow said to Girl Gang Music.

“[Growing up,] she was so strong and had this badass attitude about her that I really looked up to,” the singer continued during an interview with FASHION Magazine. “She was doing things other people weren’t and I think that’s the kind of attitude that’s important to have.”

Bülow’s “You & Jennifer” is the perfect example of music made for the self-confident and free-thinking Generation Z fans with a similar attitude.

Though bülow’s music is far more pop-electronic than Avril Lavigne’s signature pop-punk style, songs like “You & Jennifer” still correlate with Lavigne’s music lyrically. bülow’s distinctively blunt chorus, “F**k you and Jennifer, go f**king make love to her” all but screams Avril Lavigne. For example, in 2011, Lavigne released her single, “What The Hell,” a song that the singer wrote while on her personal journey to freedom. The song’s lyrics are just as blunt as “You & Jennifer.” In the opening of “What The Hell,” Lavigne sings, “You say that I’m messing with your head…All cause I was making out with your friend.”

Lavigne’s influence is further seen throughout the rest of bülow’s two Damaged EPs. Using uncensored honesty as her driving force, bülow captures an audience by singing about all the pains, struggles, and happiness that is brought with coming of age––similar themes to what we received from Lavigne during her come up.

“I definitely feel like Avril has played a big role in my music and my creative side,” bülow told Billboard. “We need more women like that, who are strong and finding their own path.”

Another thing the pair have in common? The iHeartRadio MMVAs. Being the Canadian punk-princess she is, Avril Lavigne is no stranger to our annual outdoor show. In 2002, the singer took the stage for the first time, with the angsty performance of her single, “Complicated.” Since then, Lavigne has returned to perform three more times. With a total of six wins and over 12 nominations, Lavigne makes the shortlist for celebrities with the most iHeartRadio MMVAs trophies.

Following in her inspiration’s footsteps, this year, bülow is set to make her debut on our red carpet and iHeartRadio MMVAs stage. Tune in on Sunday, August 26 to watch bülow perform.

The 2018 iHeartRadio MMVAs hosted by Awkwafina premieres at 9/7MT on CTV and Much.