Arkells Have The Ultimate Canadian Moment With Wayne Gretzky

Arkells are continuing their huge winning streak. The band made their debut MMVA performance at Sunday night’s show, where they also took home the highly coveted Fan Fave Video for their ode to Toronto in “Knocking At The Door.”

Keeping the party going, Arkells followed up their incredible MMVA performance by jumping on a plane to Las Vegas to play the NHL Awards last night.

Rocking the crowd of athletes and their families, the Hamilton band made an encore of their MMVA “Knocking At The Door” performance, gaining some pretty great fans along the way.

Like, the Great One.

Arkells were joined by hockey legend and Canadian hero Wayne Gretzky at the end of their performance, with lead single Max Kerman receiving the ultimate Canadian sign of approval by way of a fist bump from number 99.

MMVA performance, first MMVA win and a fist bump from Wayne Gretzky in the span of four days. It’s going to be a tough week for Arkells to beat. Click here to watch the band’s incredible MMVA performance again!