5 Times Our iHeartRadio MMVAs Performers Put Us In the Mood For Love

Although we’re all independent, strong individuals who don’t need anyone, sometimes we gotta admit…love can be fun. Whether it’s your high school crush you’re just dying to make the first move on or your dire need to see your XO on a different continent, we’re here to bring you back to the times our iHeartRadio MMVAs performers put us in the mood for ~love~.


1. When Meghan Trainor and John Legend collaborated and gave us “Like I’m Gonna Lose You”

Be careful with this one, it’s almost impossible to not sway your body to. Meghan Trainor and John Legend perform this catchy song as if it’s straight out of a rom-com. The video displays all the tropes of a dramatic movie scene—a large downpour of rain hitting couples and lovers of all kinds, a room fully lit by only candles, and the bright sun peaking out in the end to signify the beginning of a new day. It’s an infectious tune with a heartwarming reminder to love those in your life and to take nothing for granted. We love a wholesome bop.


2. When Shawn Mendes really wanted to see his lover in “Lost In Japan”

Travelling is fun. But missing your boo thang isn’t. A single off his new self-titled album, we get a look into our favourite lover boy during what you could call a pretty angst moment. Mendes sings in a tone that’s both smooth yet desperate about flying to his lover’s hotel since he can’t get them off his mind. “Do I gotta convince you?/  That you shouldn’t fall asleep? / It’ll only be a couple hours/ And I’m about to leave.” It’s a feeling we’re sure many of us have felt one too many times in the midst of the night (please refer to past “U up?” texts).

Whether you’re in a different country or a subway ride away, “Lost In Japan” speaks to those who just want to be with their Romeos or Juliets right now.


3. When Kris Wu casually decided to set the bar real high for men with “JULY”

In simple terms, Kris Wu’s “July” makes us feel like queens. He hooks us with an “I’ve been looking for a reason / To have you in my arms” in the beginning of the song while driving his girl around a whirl of flashing lights. Wu dances with such style and cool-boy energy (can we talk about that yellow outfit?) that is unique to most artists, we can’t help but stare at our screens and feel the need to dance ourselves.


4. When 5 Seconds of Summer made American Apparel underwear sell out in “She Looks So Perfect”

“You look so perfect standing there in my American Apparel underwear,” is an iconic and cheeky lyric that will go down in history, thanks to 5 Seconds of Summer. Their 2014 track displays the exciting feeling of a new love and all the euphoria that surrounds it, even mentioning the idea of leaving everything behind to elope. This song is the epitome of being a teenager in love: wanting to have fun and running away from responsibilities that don’t involve our S/O. Sounds like an absolute dream to us!


5. When Meghan Trainor and Charlie Puth decided to give the world some sexual healing

A bit different from Trainor’s PG-rated “Like I’m Gonna Lose You,” “Marvin Gaye” is the anthem for a sexual awakening that is both subtle and classy. Not only does this tune resemble songs from a very proper ’50s era, it’s also sung alongside America’s sweetheart, Charlie Puth. In the music video, students mull around awkwardly in their school gym during their spring fling. Once Puth and Trainor perform on stage, everyone loosens up, maybe a little bit too much for a high school dance. Thanks to Puth, Trainor, and of course, Marvin Gaye, people all over the world will receive some sexual healing.

Catch these performers at the iHeartRadio MMVAs on Sunday, August 26 at 9ET/7MT on CTV and Much.