5 Seconds of Summer Tell A Tale Of Endless Love In ‘Youngblood’ Video

Youngblood, 5 Seconds of Summer

5 Seconds of Summer may still be a relatively new band, having formed in 2011 and releasing their debut album in 2014, but in a few shorts years the Australian group have travelled the world and found inspiration everywhere they go. For their latest video, 5SOS looked to an underground scene in Japan to create one of their most exciting and theatrical videos to date.

In the new video for “Youngblood,” the title track from their impressive 2018 album, the band members step aside and cast a group of actors to convey the song’s message of love and loss. Shot in Japan, the video focuses on the relatively unknown local Rockabilly culture. Opening with two elderly people taking pills that allow them to relive their youth, the rockabilly group members enjoy their youth by getting tattoos, dancing in clubs, fighting, and riding motorcycles. Sure, you can still do that in your later years, but the recovery time is much longer.

The band released the video this week to coincide with their Japanese tour dates, with band member Michael Clifford encouraging fans to watch the video with an open mind.

Explaining the inspiration for “Youngblood,” 5 Seconds of Summer singer Ashton Irwin released a statement on the video, saying “There are many wonderful, interesting, and captivating subcultures all over the world. In every corner of this earth there are groups of inventors, visionaries, thrill seekers, and boundary pushers. These wonderful worlds that people have created, spread, and effect everyone that comes into contact with them. The Japanese Rockabilly culture is that of a renaissance and a beautiful flare of passion for everything old and new and that makes this particular subculture so interesting and amazing to us. We hope you enjoy this video. Thank you for allowing us to be explorative with the concepts we choose to visually express our songs to you. Thank you to everyone that brought this video to life.”

This week’s new release marks the second video for “Youngblood,” with 5 Seconds of Summer previously uploading a clip of concert footage to accompany their single back in April. Both versions have an energy that perfectly matches the song, showing how versatile one piece of music can be.

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