4YallEntertainment’s Jae and Trey Richards Met Drake At The 2015 iHeartRadio MMVAs

Although they were caught slipping on shopping for fresh fits the night before the big event, Jae and Trey Richards still looked fly at the 2015 iHeartRadio MMVAs. As an added bonus, they were totally shook when Drake magically appeared. Like they say, the 6ix God works in mysterious ways.

It all began in the fishbowl studio at Much HQ, where they played Pictionary with Omi and Waka Flacka flipped a friendly bird to them.

Trey recalls that Omi couldn’t draw, “He was really terrible.”

Then, Jae saw an “angelic light” and a figure came up to the glass covered room. They all heard a loud bang on the glass. Everyone froze, even Omi looked in awe. No one expected Drake to swing by and it was Trey’s first time being absolutely starstruck.