5 Outfits From The 2008 MMVAs We Wouldn’t Be Caught Dead In Now

The year 2008 doesn’t seem that long ago––until you realize that it’s a decade in the past. The 2008 Much Music Video Awards welcomed the likes of Girlicious, Flo Rida, Simple Plan, Gossip Girl’s then-star Chace Crawford, now-megastar Rihanna, and the freshly reunited New Kids On The Block.

It was also the year that it poured on the red carpet.

Despite the inclement weather, celebrities still showed up and showed out in their best MMVAs attire. Though we’re sure they were fashion-forward back then, looking back on their ensembles and comparing them to the trends of today…we’re not so sure.

Keep scrolling if you want to be transported back in time. We’re revisiting five MMVAs outfits from 10 years ago that we wouldn’t be caught dead in now.


Sean Kingston

Somebody call 911. This Sean Kingston outfit is certainly not fire burning up the dance floor in 2018. From the baggy jeans to the yellow oxford shirt, black sweater-vest combo, everything about this is a no. And is that his bedazzled My Time mixtape around his neck? Eight points for self-promotion creativity, but -10 points on account of doing way too much.


Ashley Leggat

Now, Life With Derek star Ashley Leggat looks amazing in this orange coral colour, but the empire silhouette of her dress just isn’t doing it for us in this 2018, form-fitting fashion climate.



In 2008, Rihanna performed her hit single at the time, “Take A Bow,” a song featured in Good Girl Gone Bad: Reloaded, a re-release of her third studio album. Her outfit consisted of a pair of pleather leggings and a sleeveless back top with way too many ruffles. Just by looking at her, we’re having traumatic flashbacks to the unbreathable, skin-hugging, pleather trend that made it all too difficult to move around. Let’s not even talk about her cruise ship captain hat.


Kristin Cavallari

Tinfoil. That’s all that comes to mind when we see Kristin Cavallari in her 2008 MMVA red carpet outfit. In her defence, metallic was in and so was a thick belted waist.

Every year, our celebrity guests dress to perfection. But, fashion is a cycle. As we look back on the past, we can’t help but hope that some trends stay there. We wonder what looks from this year’s show we’ll be critiquing a decade from now? Tune into the show to see!

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