2000s Fashion Trends We Don’t Want To See On The Red Carpet

The iHeartRadio MMVAs are all about seeing the biggest and most exciting names in music performing on stage for their fans, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get excited about seeing the red carpet fashion as well.

There have been no shortage of high fashion moments at the MMVAs, with new trends emerging and old trends resurfacing every year. But one decade we’re not quite ready to revisit yet is the early 2000’s. Been there, wore that, not ready to justify the puka shells yet.

Here are trends from the 2000’s we hope to not see on the 2017 iHeartRadio MMVA red carpet.



We love fun accessories, but ties, including ties worn as belts, didn’t have the fashion-forward thinking to survive past the early 2000s.


Chunky Highlights

It was pretty commonplace to spend a Saturday night in the early 2000s with a clear cap on your head as your friend/mother used a knitting need to pull pieces of your hair through the cap to be frosted. There were a lot of fashion trends in the early 2000s and looking natural was not one of them.


Self Tanner

Like we said, looking natural was not on trend in the last decade. RIP all your white sheets.


White Tanks

From band tanks to branded tanks to straight-up plain white tanks, sleeveless, colourless tops were all the rage in the early 2000s. Thankfully, the growing popularity of Kid Rock seemed to put a final nail in the white tank coffin.


Unnecessary Scarves

Global warming is real, but that doesn’t mean everyone was constantly freezing in the early 2000’s, regardless of red carpets would have you believe.


Kangol Hats

We loved a good Kangol hat in the early 2000s, but even with the constant promotion from Samuel L. Jackson, the look quickly became dated once 2010 rolled around.


Skin Belt

No outfit, red carpet or beyond, was complete in the early 2000s without showing the one-to-two inches of mandatory ‘skin’ belt. In 2017, we prove things by posting them on social media. In the 2000s, all we had to prove was that pelvic bones were real and we did it by showing them off on a daily basis.


Cargo Anything

Fashion in the 2000s came with baggage, and that baggage could be carried by one person and their giant pockets.


Satin Pants and Dresses

Carrying some change? Wearing underwear? Sweating somewhere you’d like to keep private? Satin fabric hides no secrets.



We could see you and we usually wish we couldn’t. Why did we all think camo was so cool? It literally only matches itself.


Ed Hardy

There’s a reason some fashion lines survive changing trends and some don’t. The ‘don’ts’ usually involves trucker hats.


Juicy Tracksuits

They’re back, but—if J Lo can’t pull it off…


Cowl Neck

It’s a toss up over which trend was biggest in the 2000s — cowl necks or belts. So many belts.


Layered Tank Tops

Choose one tank, two at most, and commit to your decision. No one needs to wash three shirts per outfit.


Chunky Turtlenecks

Okay, okay, we know that the likelihood of chunky turtlenecks making a comeback on the red carpet of a music show in June is unlikely, but we can’t take any chances. Were these turtlenecks comfy and fashion-forward at the time? Yes. Can we leave them and their perfect chunkiness in the past? Again, yes.


Bell Bottoms

Sure, the 1970s got a second life in the early 2000s thanks to the resurgence of bell bottoms and we will welcome this trend when it comes around again in another 30 years. But things must leave in order for you to miss them.


Whisker Jeans

Whisker patterns on jeans were the perfect way to make the widest part of your body look so big it was literally stretching the material into another colour. Now that it’s 2017, we have selfies that make it more difficult to ignore really, really unflattering trends.


Bedazzled Jeans

A picture is worth a thousand words and a picture on your jeans was usually worth about $79.


Studded Belts

Honestly, they’re just not worth the effort of trying to loop them through your belt loops.


Frayed Bottom Skirts and Dresses

Maybe it was the Pirates of the Caribbean films or a big fairy trend in the early 2000s, but for some reason frayed skirts and dresses became popular. No need to dig them out of your closet in 2017.


Bad Blazers

Who was taking the minutes at these red carpet board meetings?